In the past, the predominant sources of advertising were radio, television, and print. Today, mass email marketing has become an integral part of a business’s marketing strategy.

There are several ways that email marketing reaches customers. Newsletters are an highly effective way to promote a business. Newsletters provide the information that customers need and provide a way to introduce consumers to new products and services. Announcements are a way to keep customers aware of new developments. Special offers through email provide incentives to revisit the business. It is also a way for current customers to be reminded of the value inherent in that business.

Targeting likely customers is more effective with email marketing. Because email lists have been comprised of those who have already purchased, or expressed interest through the company’s website, one is reaching those who are most likely to use the product or service one is selling. Email marketing provides a convenient way for customers to click through and complete their purchases, making it more efficient than hearing a radio advertisement and having to follow through.

Email marketing software provides a streamlined way for companies to manage email lists. Software programs allow for the removal of inactive addresses. Emails can also be customized easily. The ability to create high quality text and images through html is a positive benefit.

Whether it is for a small business or a large corporation, creating awareness of the services provided is important. Mass email marketing is one of the most direct means of reaching potential customers.

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