Question Three: How much email should I send to subscribers?

The answer is really quite simple: send email at the frequency your subscriber expects. In other words, be sure to clarify the frequency with which you will send email to your subscribers as part of the subscription process. If you’re going to send a weekly email alert, then state subscribers will receive an email once each week. If you’re going to send an email once a month, simply state this in the subscription process as well. Just make sure your email frequency is consistent with the promises you’ve made upfront.

The most common email frequency is weekly or monthly. If you’re going to send an email each day, you must justify the email by having extraordinary content. Most daily emails simply don’t get read by their receivers. Instead, aim to send out a weekly or monthly email that summarizes the events of the week or month, allowing the user to click through to review the rest of the content on your web page.

Also, be mindful of the response levels of your emails from your subscribers. If you send out emails with higher frequency than you promised in the subscription process, you’ll likely start seeing unsubscribe requests. If you receive a great number of these requests, that typically means you need to back off the email frequency to slow the loss of subscribers. On the other hand, if you can increase the frequency without losing subscribers, that usually means your audiences are probably wanting more, and its safe to accelerate the mailing frequency without risking losing subscribers.

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