Welcome to the Top Five Questions and Answers about Responsible Email Marketing, originally published as an online report by The Email Doctor. This report is for anyone not receiving the benefits of their email marketing efforts they are expecting. You could be someone currently engaged in email marketing, but not receiving the return you expect, or you may be someone yet to take on email marketing but is hesitant about getting started because of questions surrounding this marketing method.

In this report you’ll find answers to the most common questions about email marketing, dealing with concerns that may have been holding you back from experiencing a level of benefit or a level of return that is possible with email marketing. The reasons for this are as varied as the marketing approaches, and the bottom line answer is that email marketing is still an experimental marketing function for most organizations. It doesn’t have the level of maturity and experience as other marketing techniques, and so is more difficult to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

In other words, the best practices for email marketing are still being written today. They are not well known.

I wrote this report after attending an executive summit and having discussions with the marketing directors, vice presidents and CEOs of very large corporations, during which I spoke to them about email marketing and their concerns. I was shocked to find that people still had many questions about email marketing that I thought had been answered over the last few years. I discovered that five basic questions needed to be answered in a clear, unbiased way that would help people decide how to approach email marketing, and how to retrieve the maximum benefits from email marketing.

So I hope that as you read this report you will not only find value in this format, but you’ll get your questions answered about email marketing, so you can then make an informed decision about moving forward with this innovative, highly cost-effective form of relationship marketing.

Defining responsible email marketing

First let me qualify this report by defining the title. When I say responsible email marketing, I mean the kind of email marketing that most people have in mind when they want to keep in touch with their customers, build trust and relate to those customers, learn more about prospects and potential customers, and other similar goals. Responsible email marketing is the sort of marketing that takes place when you have respect for your customer. The key word is respect—because if you keep that in mind, everything else that flows from your approach will most likely never be considered spam, nor will it run afoul of current federal spam laws.

Obviously, spam is a result of irresponsible email marketing. Spam is the result of someone engaging in email activities who does not respect their customer or the subscriber. The questions and answers in this report are for those people wanting to engage in responsible, respectful email marketing campaigns, not those who wish to make a quick buck by emailing every address they can find or buy with a special offer for the latest miracle drug.


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