Did you know that 60 percent of email recipients cite the “from” address as the No.1 reason they open emails? Having a consistent, recognizable address in the “from” field is not only important for marketing purposes—and for encouraging recipients to open your emails—it’s also important to avoid accusations of sending spam.

In other words, if you send an email using a “from” address that end users do not recognize, they may automatically assume it’s spam, and they may initiate automated spam complaints even without bothering to open the email and read it. The solution is to consistently use a recognizable “from” address such as your company name. Stated another way, the name that appears in the “from” column in the end users’ email inbox should be your company name, and you should keep this name with every email campaign.

In dealing with the subject line, the main focus is to make sure it could in no way be construed as misleading. This is normally not a problem with responsible email marketers, but since verbiage about misleading subject lines is directly covered in the CAN-SPAM act, it certainly is a good time to review the subject lines you are currently using in your outbound email campaigns.


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Mike Adams

Michael Allen "Mike" Adams is the founder and owner of Natural News. According to his own website his interest in alternative nutrition was sparked by developing type II diabetes at the age of 30 and "completely curing" himself using natural remedies. He is a raw foods enthusiast and holistic nutritionist. He claims to eat no processed foods, dairy, sugar, meat from mammals or food products containing additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG). He also says he avoids use of prescription drugs and visits to Western medical doctors.

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