Recently, email marketing has been making a strong comeback. While email marketing had largely been deemed ineffective in the past, large companies such as Amazon have been doing research that shows email marketing can be one of the most effective advertising campaigns. Any business with an existing user base should consider trying email marketing for their next product release or sale.
Email marketing prices are generally quite affordable. But depending on the size of your campaign and how frequently you wish to run campaigns, finding the best price can take a bit of work. Further, the way you run the campaign can make a difference when choosing which provider to go with.

If you want to run a one-time campaign targeting dozens or hundreds of users, consider using a transactional email providers. These sites often have templates you can use to easily create an attractive message to send to a list of email addresses. The time you can save using their templates will save you money in the long-term.

On the other hand, if you have a large database of users or plan on running frequent campaigns, consider buying a dedicated IP address from a well-known provider. When dealing with with thousands of email addresses and multiple campaigns, it pays to take the time to make your own custom marketing material to use multiple times in the future. These providers generally allow you to scale your marketing campaigns seamlessly as your business grows, and the upfront cost of creating the initial material is more cost-effective than reusing the templates provided by smaller companies.

Whichever path you choose, the cost of running an email campaign is generally low. It may be worth investigating the customer service and reputations of various email service providers instead of seeking the lowest price.

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