Now it’s time to tackle two of the most common email marketing questions. Is there a such thing as free email marketing software? If so, then is it worth using? Since there are so many free email marketing companies, it’s impossible to mention them all. So how about we use standard deduction and show you how to determine it for yourself?

Is there a Such Thing as Free Email Marketing Software?

Let’s tackle this question first. Yes, there are a lot of freebies on the web. The trick is to separate the real from fakes.

Read the Fine Print

If the company plans to send their own ads in your emails – run for your life! You will only antagonize your list.

Is it Really Free?

Some email marketing software is free at the beginning. However, they will start charging a ridiculous rate after you reach so many contacts. Be sure you are comfortable with this rate before building a list. Some of the best premium companies offer free trials. So it’s up to you to make this determination.

Is it Worth Using?

If the software passes the previous question without sending you running for the nearest comic relief, then you can move on to this one.

How Long have they Been in Business?

If the answer is less than a year, use at your own risk. I would personally rather jump into a lake at sub zero temperatures – but hey, they got to start somewhere.

How many Features do they Have?

If you’re going to have to spend hours a day coding your own forms and email templates, then you need to ask yourself is that time worth the $10 a month you will save? That choice is entirely yours. Fortunately, there is free marketing software that’s equipped with powerful tools.

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