Finding the best email marketing software is one of the essentials of marketing. After all, it’s the basis for building an email list. Let’s look at some tips for finding the best email software.


This is always the bottom line for a lot of people. However, cost should not be the only deciding factor when choosing email marketing software. That’s not saying that cost isn’t up there on the list – it just shouldn’t be the only thing you look at. For example, what if you choose a free provider? You spend months building an amazing email marketing list. Then suddenly, they close down their services. You just lost that entire list! So choose carefully.
How Pricing Works

Here are the different ways that companies charge for email marketing software.
• By Email – This pricing method is based on how many emails are send. You get charged by the number of emails that are sent out each month. This is not a good plan for those who wish to build large email lists as the costs will start to add up.
• By Contact – This pricing method is based on how many contacts are in your profile. The more contacts there are, the more it costs.

Most software companies have plans for large businesses and allow their customers to upgrade as their list grows.


Here’s the second factor to consider when choosing the best email marketing software. Features are very important and can make life easy for marketing campaigns. The best software not only has easy to manage contacts, but has features to build forms for the opt-in phase. Here are some important features to look at:
• List-building Tools (forms, graphics, templates, etc.)
• Customizable Email Templates
• Reporting
• Double opt-in option
• Auto-Responders
• Video Embedding Options (not necessary, but nice)
• iPhone (and other smart phone) applications.

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