Mike Adams has been pioneering technologies and techniques in the field of permission email marketing since 1993. The inventor of the first personalized email merging software application for the PC, Adams is also founder and president of Arial Software, makers of high-end personalized email marketing software.

As the Email Doctor, Adams provides articles and information to help professional email marketers grow their businesses and organizations by engaging in personalized email interactions with customers, prospects and members. Adams also works with selected clients to help them create effective email messages to boost response and sales.

You may contact Adams by calling 307-587-1338.

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Mike Adams

Michael Allen "Mike" Adams is the founder and owner of Natural News. According to his own website his interest in alternative nutrition was sparked by developing type II diabetes at the age of 30 and "completely curing" himself using natural remedies. He is a raw foods enthusiast and holistic nutritionist. He claims to eat no processed foods, dairy, sugar, meat from mammals or food products containing additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG). He also says he avoids use of prescription drugs and visits to Western medical doctors.

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