Email is still the most widely used form of business communication. As the growing trend of personalized email messaging transforms the marketing world, newsletters are becoming as important to your business as your product. Email newsletters have opened new doors of communication and provide a new tool for website marketing strategies. Email newsletters increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as expand marketing message distribution and website traffic.

Email newsletters are transforming marketing efforts, inexpensively and efficiently. Their ability to reach large audiences allows for contact and communication, not only with existing clients in your database, but with potential customers and possible client leads.

Email newsletters not only increase an organization’s capability to reach a vast email list, but they also have the ability to distribute a wide variety of information. Publishing email newsletters is becoming the most cost efficient way to inform clients and consumers about your company and its products and services. Newsletter topics suggestions include: upcoming special events, breaking business developments, special deals, and important product usage tips. Email newsletters give unrestrained potential to inform your audience about anything going on within your organization.

To maximize results from your newsletters, you must deliver direct content. Value-laden information will generate interest and draw consumers to open and read your email, and potentially visit your website. The key to message success is including enlightening, upbeat and relevant information to your customers. Message customization allows for a “direct connection” between your organization and your customers. Interesting content, personalized messaging, and aesthetic appeal are all proven methods of generating email list growth and fuel sales.

Do I use HTML or text messages?
Heavy spam control and spamming problems have generated a growing concern throughout the email and ecommerce industries on the effectiveness of HTML versus text messages. One easy solution is to add a button on your subscribe page that enables the recipient to choose the type of email message they would like to receive. Also, many email marketing software companies have added options to send both text and HTML messages simultaneously.

Along with reaching clients with personalized email content, a major benefit of using email newsletter is tracking customer behavior. Email messages can be tracked and monitored for important demographic information. Unlike print efforts, email gives you the ability to collect feedback on customer wants and opinions, and the ability to gauge buying behavior, based on the success of email message and its links. Using this information, you can make adjustments to your message to facilitate a personalized relationship and gain insight to your customers needs.

Email newsletters are also a great tool for generating website visits and landing page clicks. E- newsletters allow for recognition through their interactive qualities.
HTML usage also gives the ability to send a newsletter that is just as aesthetically pleasing as your website. Links included in your newsletter will allow for a customer to click and view your page, with visual uniformity creating a lasting impression. Homogeny is a great tool in increasing brand awareness and product recognition.

Email newsletters contribute to your total CRM strategy and offer unique customized ways to stay in contact with consumers. Email newsletters can open many doors for successful customer communication and can allow for ultimate audience targeting and response.

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