The widespread use of email throughout the world of business communication has opened doors to the use of HTML newsletters. Email and HTML newsletters offer new tools in reaching consumers on a personal, direct level. Electronic newsletters enable corporations to reach mass audiences with direct, relevant messages, providing benefits such as targeted messages to customers from marketing and sales teams.

HTML newsletters allow for attractive messages to be distributed to clients and potential leads from a permission-based email list. A well-designed HTML newsletter can enhance the message being sent and grab a reader’s attention, urging them to open emails, click through hyperlinked subjects, and other customer behavior indicator activity.

HTML newsletters not only increase customer touchpoints but also save your firm valuable time and money. Professional, printed newsletters sent via bulk mail can become very costly, cutting deeply into your marketing budget. HTML newsletters have the same if not better affect, at more than half the cost.

HTML newsletter topics can range from special deals to upcoming events within your organization. Email newsletters give immeasurable capabilities to inform consumers about anything pertaining to your organization. The ability to save time and money, while continuing to reach your total client base, allows for an excellent return of investment in the form of future sales growth and business credibility.

Tracking your HTML newsletter enables an organization to note message effectiveness and circulation. HTML newsletters allow you to see anything from who is opening and unsubscribing, to how many links are clicked on. This type of customer information is priceless and allows for an insight of what the customer is looking for and what you can do to tailor to their needs. Adding demographic knowledge leads to generating HTML newsletters with even more dynamic and personalized content.

Personalization is another benefit to using an HTML message. Unique codes set within the message can allow your emails to have individual customer information added. The more emails you send the more customized information is gathered, allowing for increasing customer-driven campaigns to be sent out with each newsletter. Tailored HTML newsletters will generate more opens and click thrus, driving even more sales and customer rapport. Tracking for personalization characteristics also allows for an accurate assessment of consumers buying activities and prospective interests.

One important aspect of this medium often overlooked is the importance of synchronization and branding within your e-newsletter. HTML newsletters allow for art and other aesthetics to be identical to your webpage, including logos and images consistent with your product and your company. Consistent, attractive information will get attention and stick in a consumers mind. A template used for an HTML newsletter, matching that of a company’s URL, will ultimately inspire recognition of your company and its message within the mind of your consumers.

Although there are many benefits to HTML newsletters, there are a few things to be aware of. The increase of spam invading email boxes has lead to some Internet service providers ( ISPs) to limit the acceptance of HTML newsletters and messages. Alongside these ISP restrictions, some customers do not want to hassle the size of an HTML message. Certain consumers want only “the nutshell” of the message, ignoring all the aesthetics. An easy solution to both these problems is to find an e-marketing software or service that allows for the automation of both plain text and HTML newsletters to be sent out. This feature chooses who will receive plain text and who will receive HTML newsletters based on the recipients ISP format.

Another drawback to using HTML messaging is the large files and bandwidth limitations. Consumers may be unable to handle the file size if the use of logos and colors gets out of control. Along with size limitations, bandwidth limitations can also tie up time and energy.

HTML formatted newsletters can offer many benefits, and the drawbacks can easily be overcome with the proper tools and strategy. Choosing to market customers with HTML newsletters allows you flexibility, and ultimately reduces the cost of reaching your total client base.

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