An email marketing newsletter is an important component of any marketing campaign. The experts know just how important it is. Here are 4 mistakes that experts are sure to avoid.

They Don’t Push “Sell, Sell, Sell”

Everyone knows what they are getting when they receive a marketing newsletter. There’s no need to bombard the reader with “Buy from me” or “I’m selling this so buy it”. Experienced email marketers will just offer information about a product and assume that the recipient knows that they are selling it. There’s no need to remind them. Remember this. Readers have a short attention span. Interesting content will convert into more sales.

They Don’t take the Subject Line for Granted

In fact, experts know that the subject of an email is the most important aspect. If the subject doesn’t engage readers, they will simply delete the email. That means that the newsletter could be the best newsletter in circulation – yet, no one even reads it because the subject line is boring.

They Don’t Sacrifice Professionalism for Slickness

Expert email marketers will always maintain a professional look. There are many different reasons why this is a good idea. First, flashy HTML coding is sometimes lost – depending on the client that is being used to look at the email. More importantly, flashy website-like emails are no where near as personal as a professional letter. The whole point of email marketing is to make each person on the list feel like they are special. They are special – every one of them is important. So maintain a professional format.

They Don’t Use the Words ‘Dear Recipient’

Those are two words that automatically end the feeling of being special. It’s not hard to format emails to automatically insert a recipient’s name into the letter (assuming this information was gathered during the opt-in phase). Experts know that writing an email marketing newsletter directly to a person gets better results.

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